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Become a Song Chaser!

The Song Chasers Writing Guild is my songwriting group. It is about building and cultivating performing singer songwriters that include workshops and tech tips but mostly, it is a networking peer to peer review and weekly meetup! I supply 52 prompts for 52 weeks and we all participate in writing a new song every week that we will share with each other, critique, offer feedback and share stories. Meet a friend in a friendly place, perform your craft, stay inspired and accountable and most importantly have a lot of fun with like minded people!

Want to join? It's simple! Membership is free and you can come and go as you please, so if your inspiration is as fickle as the rest of us you can just show up at one of our meetups with your new song and hang with other songwriters. I do have requirements to become a Song Chaser though...

 1.) Must be ages 15+

2.) No instrument ability required but it sure helps! I welcome singers or lyricists to all meetups and encourage participation and co-writes.

3.) You must be willing to perform your songs (instrument or not)

4.) You must commit to attempting to write a song via the weekly prompt (half lyrics and half music is okay, that's what we are all here to help with but make the effort!)

5.) You must buy a food or drink from the establishment we have our meetups

6.) You must critique and offer feedback and assist your peers.

7.) You must never share videos or audio of your peers unless permission is granted

8.) You will agree to be respectful and supportive of your fellow songwriters at all times

9.) All Genres Welcome


Here is how it works when you become a Song Chaser:

 - We meet up at a Song Chaser approved location for our weekly meetup

- The meet up is 7pm - 10pm (subject to change)

- 7pm to 8pm is a dinner service and hang out

- There will be a very short songwriting tip shared from my Songwriter Unbounded program (my private songwriting classes)

- Song performances begin and everyone critiques and offers feedback (2mins or less, this time may be limited for event length)

-  An optional short tech tip is shared (running your own sound, pedals 101 or other magic things that can help you with the tech stuff)

- Rest of the night is songwriting, hanging out and sharing our experiences, I will also be available to talk any topic I can help you with


Perks of becoming a Song Chaser:

 - A Monthly Song Chaser Showcase will be billed at The Prelude Songwriters Club that can feature any Song Chasers that have completed 8 more weekly prompts.

- Discounts on my private songwriting classes "Songwriter Unbounded" and Songwriter Breakthrough workshops

- 10% off any item in my music store at The Prelude Songwriters Club after completion of 1 weekly prompt

- "I am a Song Chaser" Button Pin after completion of 5 weekly prompts

- Free food and drink or Free Basic Guitar Setup after completion of 10 weekly prompts

- Song Chaser T-Shirt & Sticker completion of 52 weekly prompts

- One on one consultation with anything I can authentically help you with as a songwriting instructor and performance coach

- Critiques and feedback amongst your peers of your weekly songs

- A weekly event where you share and hang with people like you, it is a night of exclusivity with the folks that understand you the most. A night to celebrate the working musician both aspiring and professional that want to be heard and enhance their craft!


Song Chasers Weekly Prompts & Meetups begin Wednesday - Aug. 16, 2017


Location: The Prelude Songwriters Club

Address: 113 East Jackson Ave. - Harlingen,TX - 78550

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Dinner Service: 7pm - 8pm

Contact number: (956) 335 - 5173 (The Prelude)